sara downey

about me

My yoga journey began with Jillian Michael’s yoga video, because it was too cold to run outside in Nebraska during the winter. Then I started doing it on my own and I loved how relaxed and satisfied I felt after. When I moved to Fayetteville for school I wanted to get involved in a studio to try and build community. I began taking studio classes and exploring the idea of teaching. Once I dove into it from a wider perspective than just asanas and realized all the info out there about all the things yoga can do, I was totally hooked. 

what to expect

I strive to be a relaxed and supportive guide creating a non-judgmental space that welcomes inward focus, supportive intentions, helpful challenges and warm community. My musical selections include a mix of instrumental, atmospheric, alternative, folk and pop. I incorporate interesting beats that create a rhythmic flow for participants and is representative of the energy being created at that point in sequencing.


• RYT200, Yoga Deza
• 50-hour Baron Baptiste Power Intensive, Yoga Deza
• 300-hour Advanced Training: Energy Healing, Yin, Yogic Philosophy, Yoga Deza

other passions

I’m a mental health counselor and I’m fascinated with the mind/body connection and how to create balance through our practices, so please talk to me about it! I’m always looking for new resources. I really enjoy meditating, nature and reading books about both. I love being active. Running, swimming, biking, dancing, lifting (trying to build that booty!) are just a few things I enjoy doing to get my heart rate up. I also love cooking, laughing, music, dancing and a good happy hour.
Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roal Dahl