about us

our vibe

We're an inclusive community, where everyone is always welcome. A place to calm the mind and nourish the soul. A place of healing, strength and balance. Where unique experiences empower transformation.

our location

8th Street Market in Bentonville is a community hub of spirit and creativity. Our neighbors serve up tacos, ramen, local beer, fine cheeses, chocolate, food truck fare and more. The Momentary - an amazing contemporary arts venue - is just out our front door. And we're along the Razorback Greenway, so come by foot, by bike or by car, day or night.

our ambiance

We curate a variety of experiences around our signature 4 Ss. These details vary from class to class, but highlights include:

Sight: low lighting, candles, colored lighting

Sound: crystal singing bowls, curated playlists, live music, ocean drum, chimes, gongs 

Smell: signature oils, including sweet orange and palo santo will waft in the air

Sensation: comfort techniques, scented cloths, luxury props

our teachers

Our Cocoon crew makes it happen. Whether you need a push or unconditional support, these amazing humans are here to guide you. No egos or drama, just growth and transformation with YOU at the center.

common questions

Where is Cocoon Yoga Lab located?

We're located at 8th Street Market, 801 SE 8th Street, Suite 35, in Bentonville. The majority of our classes and events are held here. But our SUP yoga classes are held at the Lake. See class schedule for details.

Where do I Park?

There's parking right outside our door. But, in the event that lot is full, park on the Brightwater side of 8th Street Market. There's almost always parking available there, and you can walk in the back way.

I'm a complete yoga newbie. Where do I start?

We offer classes for all levels, from beginner to experienced. Great beginner classes include Gentle, Yin, Breathwork and Restorative - all available in our Flow offering. Call or email the studio if you have questions or need assistance determining what's best for you.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that you're comfortable moving in, such as yoga pants, t-shirt, tank top, etc. Be sure to wear moisture-wicking clothing for dynamic flow classes. For Aerial classes we prefer long-sleeve shirts and more form-fitted clothing. Jewelry must be removed for aerial classes and no zippers or abrasive clothing should be worn in the hammocks. 

Do I Need to bring anything?

We supply all props and pre-set the studio room before you arrive. We do recommend you bring a reusable water bottle. There's a filling station on site. IF the class is OUTDOORS, then you will need to bring a mat and any props you would like. 

Is there anything I should not wear/bring?

Please do not wear perfume or scented lotions. We need all of our props to stay scent free for all guests and want to avoid anyone having an allergy issue. Please leave phones outside the studio room.

I've heard about hot yoga. What temperature are your classes?

Most of our classes are at room temperature. Some of the dynamic classes are heated to around 85-90 degrees. Check individual class descriptions for more details.

What kind of music can I expect at your studio?

Our teachers curate their own playlists to match the class format or theme. In addition some classes will have live instrument playing. From super chill to super grunge and everything in between. We cannot promise that all playlists are non-explicit, except for in our kids classes. 

Is yoga an acceptable form of physical therapy?

It can be, but please consult a medical physician.

aerial yoga questions

What is aerial yoga?

Our AIReal Yoga-style classes use looped fabric (the hammock) that swivels freely on a single point as a prop to explore, deepen and engage poses in a new perspective. It takes any traditional yoga practice off the floor and into the air. The hammock safely guides you into yoga postures you might have thought impossible - a prop you can hold onto for balance and as a spotting device. It's great for all levels. If you are looking for circus flips & tricks, you won't find it at Cocoon. We are focused on using the hammock as a yoga prop. Yes, we do teach a few inversions, but nothing crazy or scary. Safety 1st!

Who can take aerial yoga?

Just about anyone who has a basic understanding of yoga. Students of most ages, practice aerial yoga and enjoy the benefits. People with the following conditions should NOT practice aerial yoga: high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, pregnancy, glaucoma, disc herniation, recent surgery, heart disease, osteoporosis, bone weakness, recent head injury, multiple sclerosis, propensity for fainting, artificial hips, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold. In addition, those taking an aerial yoga class should be under 250 pounds - that is what doctors recommend for safe inversions. However, our hammocks are rated to hold up to 1,000 pounds. We require you to sign a safety waiver before participating in aerial yoga at Cocoon Yoga Lab.

Is there an age limit for aerial yoga?

Students must be at least 14 years old to practice aerial yoga. Anyone under 18 must have their parent's written consent to attend any class or workshop. Kids parties and special events for younger children will be held at various times. Please watch schedule for details.

Is aerial yoga safe?

All exercise carries some level of risk, but our aerial yoga equipment is designed to hold 1,000 pounds of weight/movement per hook. The most common cause of discomfort when beginning an aerial practice is due to the hammock themselves, and you may experience some minor irritation, discomfort, and even bruising as you condition your body to the pressure of the hammock. Some people may also experience dizziness as a result of inversions, but our certified instructors are there to make sure the proper steps are taken to ensure your safety. It is critical that you inform the instructor of any existing medical condition/injury prior to class.

Will I be successful in my first aerial yoga class?

Absolutely. Since this is a yoga class, there is no competition. The hammock safely guides you into yoga postures you might have thought impossible - a prop you can hold onto for balance and as a spotting device. Everyone works at his/her own pace.

What should I wear?

You should wear form fitting clothes, in breathable fabrics that cover the underarms and legs. Leggings, fitted yoga pants, long sleeve t-shirts and other yoga basics all work great. Avoid clothing with shiny or slippery surfaces and anything non-breathable. Women may want to wear a properly fitted sports bra, as wardrobe issues during inversions and other upside down poses and transitions are not uncommon. While many men prefer to wear shorts, new male students may want to wear pants until they become more comfortable in the wraps.

You must remove all of the following items before class: shoes, socks, jewelry of any kind, clothing with gems, sequins, glitter, or other abrasive surfaces. Do not wear anything with zippers or big hair clips in the hammocks. 

Is there anything I should not wear/bring?

Perfumes and oils are not allowed, as they have the potential to damage the hammocks. We will ask you to remove all jewelry and anything else that could damage the hammock. We will have lockers on-site for use.

What should I bring to an aerial yoga class?

A water bottle. Towels and mats are provided. A playful spirit is highly recommended!

Should I come on an empty stomach?

We recommend having something in the stomach like a small snack however, do NOT recommend a big meal.

How will I feel after an aerial yoga class?

For the most part, you will feel taller, lighter and refreshed. When first trying aerial yoga, you may experience some minor irritation, discomfort or bruising as you condition your body to the pressure of the wraps.

SUP yoga questions

What is SUP yoga?

SUP yoga immerses you in nature by using the stand-up paddle board (SUP) to take your yoga practice onto the water. We offer 2 SUP experiences - one as a floating flow class and the other to just enjoy a little paddle-and-play time. SUP is great for building better balance, coordination and strength, while giving you a blissfully meditative experience.

Is prior SUP experience required to take a SUP yoga class?

No. Our SUP classes are for all levels, suitable for beginner paddlers. No SUP experience is needed, but you must be a confident swimmer. Board, paddle and life vest are provided.

Is pre-registration required for SUP yoga classes?

Yes. Please register via the Cocoon Yoga Lab website or the MindBody app. We need a minimum of 4 clients to run the class, so bring a friend along.

How does inclement weather imapct classes?

If there is thunder, lightning, heavy rain, or strong winds, we reserve the right to reschedule your session to maintain a safe and fun experience. If conditions are unsafe, you will be notified by either email or a phone. Classes will be canceled by 1 hour prior to their start time if weather conditions require.

Where does Cocoon Yoga Lab hold its SUP yoga classes?

Lake locations are subject to change depending on class size and events. Please see the class details for your scheduled date for the lake location. 

How long should I arrive prior to the scheduled class time?

Try to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your SUP yoga class. Critical instruction will be given at the beginning of each class that everyone will need to hear. If you arrive after the class hits the water, the instructor will not be able to leave the group to get you started. Please ensure you arrive on time to avoid missing the class.

What should I wear for a SUP yoga class?

Please wear either swim or yoga clothing. Keep in mind you might get wet. We suggest doing a few yoga poses in your swimsuit to ensure you feel comfortable in its coverage during movement. Sunscreen is highly recommended or SPF-rated clothing. Hat or sunglasses are optional, but might be lost if you go for an "unexpected swim." Please wear water shoes/flip flops for the drop in (they may be removed and attached to our clips for security). 

Are phones allowed out on the stand-up paddle boards?

If you would like to take photos or bring anything with you, you absolutely can. We will provide dry bags for each board, however Cocoon Yoga Lab is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.