flow yoga

intro to flow yoga

From newbie to advanced, we have you covered. Build strength and stamina as you connect the flow of your breath to movement. Go inward with yin and restorative, or opt for a mix of yin and yang with balance flow. Room temperature and heated options available. And if you want to invert safely, try our Feet Up class. HIIT it hard on Mondays and invite self-care in on Sundays.

fresh start

Calling all newbies and those wanting to build a stronger foundation for their practice. This class will focus on the transitions between postures and the integration of breath in a vinyasa-style practice. Safe alignment principles, transitions and modifications are taught so students can progress safely and comfortably to other classes. Flexibility, balance and strength are not required to start. Come as you are. Practiced at room temperature.


Looking for a nurturing, well-supported and relaxing practice? This class begins softly and transitions from longer holds into a slower vinyasa-style flow built for all levels, ending with restorative poses that leave you relaxed. If you're new to yoga, this is wonderful for learning foundational poses to build your practice. If you’ve been practicing for years, this is a great opportunity to slow down and restore - because balance is everything. Practiced at room temperature.


This warm flow class is designed for those who want the benefits of mild heat without the speed and intensity that comes from a dynamic class. It's all about the connection between synchronized breathing into and out of poses. We’ll explore a variety of postures through breath and movement, building strength, gaining flexibility and developing stillness within. This class is designed to challenge your practice, no matter how new or experienced you are. We’ll work up to a glisten, but you will not be dripping in sweat. Practiced at 80 degrees.


Come hydrated, and be prepared to sweat. The teacher guides you through a powerful vinyasa flow, filling you with energy and connecting you to the present moment. The dynamic postures are more challenging than our beginner-level classes. You’ll build strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s guaranteed to be an invigorating practice that ends with an amazing savasana to restore. We offer dynamic heated (about 90 degrees) and non-heated (80 degrees or below). Check the schedule for current offering.

hiit the mat

Turn up the volume - and the intensity. Infuse your yoga practice with energy, stability and balance. We start the class with sun salutations and quickly transition into a traditional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class. It'll raise your heart rate and increase calorie burn. And, best of all, you’ll leave feeling energized! All levels welcome.

feet up flow

Turn your practice upside down. Experience the wow effect of inversions without worrying about pressure on your neck, slipping or tipping over. The FeetUp Trainer has been developed to make inversions accessible to everyone - and without placing any stress on your neck and spine. We've incorporated the FeetUp Trainer into a playful flow class that enriches your practice, empowers you to invert, and builds confidence. Practiced at room temperature.


This is a truly balanced practice. We merge the internal, passive, cooling world of yin with the external, dynamic, warming characteristics of yang. It's a balanced practice of deep stretching and flowing vinyasa movement. Your breath connects these two different styles of yoga, creating space and easing tension in the body. All levels welcome. Practiced at room temperature.


Yin is all about stillness allowing for self-discovery and rejuvenation - but your stamina will be tested. The practice of yin involves slow, long, deep yoga posture holds, normally ranging from three to five minutes. By holding the postures, you stretch the connective tissues around the joints, increasing flexibility and mobility within the body. By improving your range of motion, you reduce risk of injury and increase overall energy, while calming the nervous system. This is a great class for cyclists and runners - or to pair with our mello-ish and dynamic classes. Practiced at room temperature.


Let go of the tension. Ease your mind. That's the name of the game. Restorative offers a quiet, therapeutic practice that helps the body release any physical and mental tension. We’ll use a variety of props to help the body find its ultimate state of relaxation. Restorative yoga promotes a deeper sleep and calmness throughout your day. Perfect for all levels and prenatal friendly (but be sure to let your teacher know). Practiced at room temperature.

self-care sunday

Make time for YOU. Whether you want to get re-connected to a self-care routine, enhance what you're already doing, or develop a whole new self love mindset, this gathering is for you. Experiences will vary each week, anchored by a yin and yang flow, with reflection time through meditation and journaling. Connections will be made and sharing of journeys are encouraged to develop mindful practices that bring about relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. It's the perfect way to set your intentions heading into a new week. Practiced at room temperature.