fly yoga

intro to fly yoga

Our AIReal Yoga-style classes use looped fabric (the hammock) that swivels freely on a single point as a prop to explore, deepen and engage poses in a new perspective. It takes any traditional yoga practice off the floor and into the air. The hammock safely guides you into yoga postures you might have thought impossible - a prop you can hold onto for balance and as a spotting device. Great for all levels.
Experience yoga on air.

Aerial flow

This class integrates the AIReal hammock with a traditional yoga flow class. The hammock is used as a prop to support standing and balancing poses, develop core strength, and to relax into backbends with much more ease. You will learn to fly, hold and balance, while improving mind-body awareness. This class is built for the beginner to learn the basic poses and get used to the hammock, while allowing the more practiced yogi opportunities to work on advanced poses. Who knows, you may even do an inversion or two. Practiced at room temperature.

aerial restorative

This is a restorative immersion using the AIReal hammock set just above the ground to help find the stillness. We add in the additional comforts of blankets and bolsters to create a very restful and relaxing experience. This practice benefits anyone with injuries, high levels of stress - or anyone who just needs a quiet moment. Practiced at room temperature.

cocoon sound bath

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation and sound healing experience as you float weightlessly to the sounds of crystal singing bowls. For thousands of years, sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for healing. You will remain in savasana for the entire class, cradled by the silk hammock. Become immersed as vibrations travel through your body and foster a deep state of relaxation. Practiced at room temperature.

hammock hangout

Grab a friend or two and come play in the hammocks before going out for the evening. We will start with a fun, 30-minute flow. The remaining 30 minutes are for you to hop in and explore various poses in an open studio environment. What better way to start your weekend? Practiced at room temperature.