experience the 4 Fs

Everyone's day morphs differently. We offer a variety of classes, designed to meet you wherever you are in life, on any given day. Experience yoga in the air, on the water, from the floor and beyond. Discover a calmer mind and a stronger body. Establish balance and purpose.


Experience yoga in the air: from supported postures to weightless cocoon-style savasana
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Take your practice to the water on a paddle board: blur the line between balance and meditation
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(floor based)

Get grounded: draw strength and healing from the earth

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Go deeper: trainings and unique experiences for the mind and soul

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fly yoga

Our AIReal Yoga-style classes use looped fabric (the hammock) that swivels freely on a single point as a prop to explore, deepen and engage poses in a new perspective. It takes any traditional yoga practice off the floor and into the air. The hammock safely guides you into yoga postures you might have thought impossible - a prop you can hold onto for balance and as a spotting device. Great for all levels. Experience yoga on air.

float yoga

Immerse yourself in nature by using the stand-up paddle board (SUP) to take your yoga practice onto the water. We offer 2 SUP experiences - one as a floating flow class and the other to just enjoy a little paddle-and-play time. SUP is great for building better balance, coordination and strength, while giving you a blissfully meditative experience.

flow yoga

From newbie to advanced, we have you covered. Build strength and stamina as you connect the flow of your breath to movement. Go inward with yin and restorative, or opt for a mix of yin and yang with balance flow. Room temperature and heated options available. And if you want to invert safely, try our Feet Up class. HIIT it hard on Mondays and invite self-care in on Sundays.


We're all about creating meaningful, memorable experiences. And our Flourish offering is designed to go even deeper. From travel retreats, teacher trainings and student workshops, to collaborative experiences with our 8th Street Market neighbors and a variety of special events, we empower you to become the architect of the life YOU want.