meghan wedgeworth

about me

My yoga journey began in the late 1990s. I was in my final semesters of college and battling insomnia, anxiety and depression. I saw an ad for a new yoga studio in the small town I lived in and called the number. After the first class, I came home and cried because I knew my life had just been changed. Almost 20 years later, I finally decided to go to teacher training and graduated with my RYT200 in May 2018. To me, Yoga means living in kindness and goodness and extending it to everyone I encounter.

what to expect

I don’t take myself too seriously. Most of my teaching experience is in yin, so I have a mellow, soothing (I hope) approach to my classes. I come to my classes to care for my students and give them the experience they need. I use a lot of Vitamin String Quartet music for my yin classes. My Feet Up classes will be a little more playful and I’ll build playlists that follow the flow of the class.


  • RYT200, Balance Yoga and Wellness, 2018
  • Yin, 14-hour, Soul Feed with Rena Wren
  • Feet Up Trainer certification, 20-hour, Daniel Scott and Kilian Trenkle
  • Feet Up Instructor certification

other passions

I like listening to music and audiobooks. I have a degree in nonfiction writing and manage a team of retail copywriters. My husband and I have three dogs.
"Martinis are like bosoms, dear. One's not enough and three's too many."

Ms. Emily