chandra perkins

about me

I'm a longtime yoga practitioner and just wanted to go deeper with knowledge. I never intended to teach, but I fell in love with it. Honestly, I'm in it for the workout side. I'm super into fitness - and yoga checks all the boxes for me. A super well-rounded exercise.

what to expect

For HIIT, there's no zen. Super-high intensity, loud hip hop and tons of laughter. I will push you hard and you might love it! For power, I love a good mix of acoustic/singer songwriter. I'll still push you, just a bit quieter!


  • RYT200, Yoga Deza

other passions

I love cycling and lifting weights. I started crocheting like a badass grandmother at 25 years old and haven't stopped yet. I have two biological children and an adopted son - and my husband and I are outnumbered! I'm totally obsessed with baseball. Go Rangers!
"If you are neutral in the situations of injustice. You have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Desmond Tutu