brittany reamer

about me

I was hesitant to try yoga at first. I'd heard over and over, "you'll love the savasana part at the end." And after my first yoga class in 2013, the tension I'd always held in my jaw and in my lower back started to fade. I kept taking classes and enjoyed focusing on my breath and moving without thought. I learned that it's our breath that allows our mind and body to create our flow state. We all have challenges throughout our practice of yoga and that's what creates our story.

what to expect

I want to teach people how to use yoga as a tool for anything they are struggling with - from stress and anxiety to health and wellness. I believe we have to dive deep within ourselves in order to find where the suffering is coming from. So, my mission as a yoga teacher is to provide a safe space for people to get to know themselves better through breath and movement.


  • Vinyasa 200-hour
"What you invite into your practice on your mat, reflects what you invite into your life off the mat."