stephanie ko

about me

My yoga journey began in 2011, when I was in in college and found myself in not the best mental health. I was suffering from depression and de-prioritizing my physical and mental health, with the idea that if I worked harder everything would turn out fine. This moment in my life brought me to yoga, where I have become more aware of the balance between effort and ease. Since then, I have practiced yoga, but only dove into the practice through my teacher training, which I completed in May 2017. I had the privilege of learning under some of the best teachers, including Patrick Franco, Julie Pasqual, Anna Greenberg and Lindsey Rozmes.

what to expect

I approach yoga as more than physical - a practice that allows us to connect our physical movement with our mind. Yoga creates a space that has no judgment. My teaching style is vinyasa flow, informed by the iyengar tradition. My musical selections range from energetic and upbeat, to abstract.


  • RYT200, Hudson Yoga Project, Hoboken, NJ

other passions

When I'm not doing yoga, I love to play golf and do road biking. I'm intellectually curious and love to travel abroad, where I try to eat my way through the cuisines of different cultures.
"Atha yoga anushasanam."
(Now the practice of yoga begins)